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Bisti will have the opportunity to hear for the very first time as she approaches her 11th birthday!

Be part of this miracle

Bisti, a 10-year-old girl residing in Navadwip along the serene banks of Jalangi, was born with a hearing and speech impairment. Despite facing challenges in expressing herself, she finds solace in the vibrations and beats of distant music, a sensory experience that resonates deeply with her. A budding artist with a natural talent for mathematics, Bisti's quick calculations surpass those of her peers in the classroom.

Our mission is to raise funds to transform Bisti's world by granting her the gift of hearing. Through a minor surgery recommended by doctors and the subsequent use of a hearing aid, she will have the opportunity to hear for the very first time as she approaches her 11th birthday. Looking ahead, our vision extends to her 12th birthday, where we aspire to provide speech therapy for a year, enabling her to find her voice and communicate with the world around her.

Join us in creating a beautiful journey of transformation for Bisti, where the melodies of life and the power of expression await her, illuminating a path of newfound possibilities and joy. Together, let's make her birthdays truly special by giving her the gift of hearing and the ability to speak, unlocking a world of communication and connection that will enrich her life in profound ways.


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